Monday, June 10, 2013

I Miss You

Come back.

I really didn't mean what I said here.

I was just having a rant, you know.  Venting my spleen.

I didn't think you'd actually take notice of what I said.  And scarper.

Taking all the bees, butterflies and nearly all of spring with you too.

Come back.

It's not the same without you.


Grump said...

Been getting reports of sweltering England, people flocking to the beach in heatwave conditions. Not so?

I hope you get some warm weather for your holidays.

Effing freezing here.

Woofing into my paws. x

London-Lass said...

Must be another England ... New England perhaps?!

Seriously, I fink the west side of the country has seen some sunshine but over here in the east it's cold, mizzle/drizzle, and rather gloomy. It's only through sheer guts, willpower and the good 'ole British stiff upper lip that I have managed to stop myself from switching on the central heating.

And, I would have thought it would be a tad nippy up your end - it is the Aussie winter now, isnt it? Take heart, Mr Grump, at least your temps suit your season :)