Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I am a tidying/cleaning freak.

Although I wouldnt say I'm OCD about it (since that is a proper affliction in which the person's life becomes a sheer obsessive hell), by Christ, I can border a bit on manic. 

But we all have our foibles dont we?  And, if mine consists of having x-ray vision when it comes to specks of dust in a carpet, or the ability to hone in on an errant finger print smear from 20 feet away, or the compulsion to spend five hours cleaning my new bungalow from top to bottom every Sunday, then I guess that's relatively harmless.

Until you throw a plumber in to the mix.  Along with a whole heap of building works. 

For you see, we have just had a brand new boiler installed together with half a dozen new radiators and, whilst it is very nice not to have issues with hot water anymore along with a very nifty (some might say `sexy') towel heater/radiator in the bathroom which'll be a boon in the cold weather, during the time of the installation my life was


I cannot stress this enough.

If dust didn't end up in your eyes, mouth and up your nose, it found it's way into the carpets, on the walls, blinds, bedding, curtains and in certain other nooks and crannies that shall remain unmentioned.

In addition, in order to relocate our gas meter, half of our kitchen had to be dismantled and removed, leaving a great hole in the floor, dusty exposed pipework and the general look of a room that should be condemned.

And, whilst all of this was going on, the Chuppies was the epitome of calm.  Never being one to get that wound up about (or, even, actually notice) when things get messy/untidy/smelly, the Chuppies breezed through the plumbing installations as though nothing had changed and we werent actually trying to cope with washing, eating and sleeping in a place that could only be described as


Regrettably I cannot say the same about me.  In short, my behaviour became a bit unfortunate.

Not content with crying, raging and chucking a hissy fit over the state of our new gaff everytime the plumber departed of an evening, there were a couple of occasions where I stormed off to our (dusty) bed in a total rage leaving the Chuppies in stunned silence.

Fortunately things have now returned back to normal - in that the plumber completed his works and packed up all his stuff last Friday - and the house is no longer a dust-ridden hole after a mammoth cleaning binge on Sunday that took me seven hours to complete.  The Chuppies has also managed to fill in the hole in the kitchen floor and re-install our oven and, now that the old hot water cylinder has been removed (for we now have a nifty combi-boiler), I suddenly have this magically large cupboard which offers the potential for lots of organisation and storage (two things that lift my heart and keep me happy), and I have just spent the majority of the morning giggling over pictures of shelving, key hooks and labelling methods.

But I am really not OCD.


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Grump said...

They say painting the Sydney harbour bridge, is a continual job. Finish one end and back to the start again.
Well that is our house, a never ending clean up.
Your services in this department would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you will be snug as bugs in a rug, come winter.
Warm woof. xx