Friday, March 28, 2014

That's The Way (Uh-Huh Uh-Huh) I Like It


You may have heard of 'em.  But, in case their name means nothing to you, they are a parcel delivery company (operating here in the UK and worldwide).

And they are aces.  No, really they are.

I mean, look at the delivery status update that was waiting for me when I got in the office this morning ('bout 30 minutes ago - yep I start my working day that early) :-

Not only does this company provide you with the delivery person's first name and an hour timeslot for delivery but, if you study the above image closely, you see that you (the recipient of your very important item) also have the option of changing some of the delivery details (whilst the package is on the van!) perhaps to another date, have your delivery upgraded or get it delivered to a neighbour (that is, if you trust the person living near to you to be able to take in your very important item and not accept it from the DPD driver on your behalf and then attempt to sell it on E-Bay for a quick buck).

O, and in case, anyone is interested, the very important item being delivered is a little Photobox pressie I've created for the Chuppies to marvel over on our 1-year anniversary in our bungalow (3rd of May).

So, to summarise : DPD are ruddy marvellous.

Now let me tell you about a company what isnt.

City Sprint.

Now I would agree that the name makes 'em sound rather good.  Nothing quite excites the mind's eye than the addition of the word `sprint' conveying images of a delivery driver racing at break neck speed through the snarled London streets stopping at nothing to get your parcel delivered.  Maybe you also imagine him (as I do) in his van cabin loosening his top delivery driver's uniform button, hurling abuse at other drivers on the road and downing multiple cans of energy drinks just to ensure he gets the parcel delivered on time to keep the customer happy.

Unfortunately their actual delivery time is cack.

Ordered a little item on Amazon on Wednesday.  I'd opted for one of those nifty `One Day Delivery' thingies that you get gratis via your Prime Membership (which has now vavoomed up to £70 per year - watch your wallets, people).  The parcel was loaded on to the City Sprint van early yesterday morning and yet did not get delivered to my Mayfair offices until just before 6pm last night.  How is that possible?  Yes, we all know the streets of London are pretty chocc blocca the majority of the day but there is no possible explanation as to how a parcel can end up being loaded on to a van (presumably in Shoreditch - the address of their London Service Centre) and then not delivered in the West End until ten hours later.  The fact that someone was still at my office at just before 6pm was pure luck - I think we would all agree that the majority of offices these days close around 5pm anyway - and so the absolutely marvellous one-day delivery service (included within your £70 Prime Membership fee - watch your purses people) does not seem to be being adhered to that well by Amazon's chosen courier, City Sprint.

I have another parcel being delivered on a `One Day Delivery' service via City Sprint today.

I suspect I wont see the item until Monday.


Grump said...

Hi LL, hope all going well with you and yours. We have similar problems with couriers down here in Melbourne. Even regular courier companies can't meet their targets of next day delivery.
Woofing from Oz. xx

London-Lass said...

Hi Grump - am sure it's a worldwide problem. The more we internet shop the more we're reliant on these courier companies. Still at least there's ones like DPD still floating about.

Hope's all good down in the land of Oz.